Benefits of Digital Menu Boards

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Improve the Look and Feel of your Restaurant

Digital menu boards on Hi-Resolution screens look way better than traditions menu boards. They will enhance the look and feel of your business. and Also, by using the screens for additional services, restaurants are able to educate and inform the customers about new products that are being sold, special promotions and similar items.


digital menu boards E1

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No Monthly Cost

The benefit of working with us is that we will only charge you once to make the menu you want and you do not have to pay a recurring monthly fee. There are so many things you can do with digital menus that you can’t do with static menus.




Up-sell – No more of “Do you want to make it a combo?”

Digital menu boards present a huge opportunity to up sell. Digital screens can display your best selling and most profitable items. They can also display complimentary items. The high-resolution screens also give the viewer a much cleaner look at the food compared to traditional menu boards. In 2010, Burger King deployed digital menu boards across US, resulting in a 64% rise in sales in just 12 months.


Digital Menu Boards V4

digital menu boards V1

Adding new Menu Items or Changing Pricing are just a few Clicks Away

Whether maintained manually or automatically (through integration with a POS system), menu items and pricing can be managed remotely so that either all or only some restaurants receive the updates.